Wednesday, 3 December 2014

How to Start Taking Steroids In Order To Improve Your Performance

Many sportsmen and athletes often think that by simply taking the steroid injections or consuming pills, they can grow muscle and improve their performance. This is a misconception, which they must understand, as they have to follow strong regime and certain discipline in order to obtain real benefits of these steroids.

Cycles and Stacks

The period when you consume these steroids is known as a cycle. If you are taking steroid to improve your performance in your respective sports then you must very carefully plan your cycle to obtain the benefit of these steroids. As far as planning is concerned, you need to try and learn as much about the steroid as you can. If you are using multiple numbers of steroids during the cycle then it is known as stack. You must know how to make proper cycles and stacks to use in order to get best results from your steroids.

In addition to consuming these steroids during the cycle, you must also be aware about their side effects and plan for suitable supplements during the cycle. This supplement will also be needed after the cycle is completed. If your cycle period is for longer duration, then your side effects will also be much more and hence you need to continue with your supplements for longer period of time. Cycles can be of various permutations and combinations and hence you need to try various combinations in order to find out, which combination suits you the best to improve your performance.

Beginner Cycles

If you are a new user of steroid then you must consider few important points, as you are novice in this game. The first point is that you should not start taking the steroid unless and until you are sure that there is no further growth in your body. That is why, it is essential that you should be above 20 years old. 

Secondly, you should be in proper shape already in other words, you must have spent at least 2 to 3 years in doing workout and willing to continue for another couple of years. The last point is that you must be comfortable with the steroid use and your body must be able to bear the side effects. You must continue with this cycle for a period of 12 weeks.

Next Cycle 

Once your body has adapted with the steroid and its supplements and you have properly understood, which cycle is more effective in giving you positive results, you should plan for next cycle. You can now try with different kind of cycles and stacks.

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